An Interdisciplinary Enrichment Program for Children

Our Mission:


We empower children to take on the challenges of the 21st century by cultivating curiosity and a holistic world view in them.


Our Mission

We centre around three main goals: self, social and international awareness, holistic thinking and creativity, and the growth mindset. At the heart of our programme is the belief that children should develop diverse modes of thinking in and engage deeply with our increasingly complex world, and develop their own perspectives on various issues.

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Our Impact

Since we started in 2014, KidsAccomplish! has been able to impact many students and parents through various programmes, with new partnerships and projects launched yearly. We've enjoyed our journey every step of the way, but we're constantly looking towards trying new things and taking bigger steps towards our vision.  


Our Programmes

KidsAccomplish! Enrichment aims to deliver a holistic educational experience based on Liberal Arts principles of learning through inquiry and multidisciplinary education.


What we do

Our signature programme is a ten-week enrichment course hosted on our college campus, planned and facilitated by our student mentors and partner organisations. Our lessons are designed with CAT (Content, Application, Takeaway) in mind, with a focus on approaching unconventional topics through discussion-based learning and hands-on activities.

A sample of our lesson plans can be viewed here.


In collaboration with preschools, KidsAccomplish! Junior aims to deliver a similar learning experience for a younger audience. Its bimonthly programme builds on key skills of inquisitiveness and self-discovery, paving the way for a more meaningful broad-based education in the future.

Read more about KidsAccomplish Junior in the link above.

Special events

Aside from our ongoing programmes, KidsAccomplish has also hosted special education events including a panel on early childhood education and an information sharing session. We are always open to engage with more partners and stakeholders to organise future events, tapping on our niche as a non-profit alternative education platform to foster conversations about the future of education in Singapore.


Get Involved

Embarking on such a huge mission takes many hands and hearts, so we're always on the look our for new opportunities. Interested? Join us. 



The students who run the programme: the brains behind the curriculum, and the hands behind the hard work that goes into preparing for every lesson. 

PARTNER opportunities

We've worked with many partners, including organisations, businesses, and student groups with a variety of different interests. 


Interested to register your child in our programme? Our registration for this semester will be closing in September, and we'd love to have you already.