An Interdisciplinary Enrichment Program for Children

Our Mission



This first pillar of our mission is about understanding what kind of world we live in and how to interact with it, being aware of our place in this society and world and having the self-awareness to examine our own assumptions and views.

This is a skill that we believe is becoming ever more important in our world, especially as it grow more interconnected, and more diverse.

Holistic thinking and creativity

The second pillar of our mission continues to be a niche in the educational field in Singapore, but we believe in developing in our kids a passion for learning in itself, through engaging them in a diversity of topics and encouraging them to think holistically between them and learn through exercising creativity.

Through this, we hope to inspire our kids to explore their own interests, and to enjoy the process too.


The final pillar of our mission is about encouraging our kids to go beyond their comfort zones, through exposing them to the unfamiliar (topics they, and their peers, have never encountered) and getting them to question and construct their own experiences in lessons.

This not only reinforces the second and first pillars, but also differentiates our programme from other educational programmes in Singapore.