Hello, and welcome to KidsAccomplish!

In his 2013 National Day Rally speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong marked the beginning of a reorientation of the government's approach towards primary school education, with a focus on holistic development beyond academic grades. We endeavour for KidsAccomplish! to be on the frontline of such educational reform – we wholeheartedly believe that education is far more about the skills, experiences, and insights gained rather than the strict consumption of academic content.

KidsAccomplish! was founded on the guiding principle that the innate curiosity and intuition of children should be developed and nurtured in a safe space. More importantly, we believe that inculcating a mindset geared towards personal growth is essential. To this end, we have crafted our curriculum with input from experts in the field to focus on the development of curiosity, passion, and diversity of thought within school children from a young age.

Through lessons centered around frequent group work and discussions, we seek to impart skills such as leadership, communication, and presentation skills. We wish to encourage a culture of respect for other views while developing a conviction and confidence in their own. Additionally, we wish to raise their awareness about the complexities and nuances imbued in the world around them - through encouraging their interest and engagement in issues beyond their everyday life, we hope to nurture a lifelong interest and passion in altruism and thirst for knowledge. In line with the increasingly globalized world of today, we will also be fostering an interest in cultures and peoples different from themselves. By tapping on the diverse student body of Yale-NUS, students will be able to interact with our international volunteers in a fun and respectful way.

Children are full of potential – they are our future. We believe by exposing them to the multifaceted world around them, we are preparing them for a life lived to its fullest, marked by a sense of wonder, respect, and engagement with the world around them.

Yours faithfully,

Saza Faradilla, Lim Chu Hsien, and Yogesh Tulsi and the KidsAccomplish! Team