Our Programmes



Hosted over 10 weeks, our signature programme takes place on our college campus, Yale-NUS College, in Singapore. Planned and facilitated by our team and student mentors, and occasionally with the help of our partner organisations, our lessons are designed with CAT (Content, Application, Takeaway) in mind. 

This means that our lessons are not simply teaching content through worksheets and lectures. Instead, we prefer mixed mediums, engaging them in activities that allow them to apply their content in practical, meaningful ways that lock in their knowledge. We've had a variety of methods, including discussions, debates, presentations, and creative sessions, resulting in learning that becomes not just enriching, but also incredibly exciting.



Every Saturday
1 - 3.30pm


Cendana College
28 College Avenue West
Singapore 138533



A subsidiary programme that works towards the same mission as our signature programme, KidsAccomplish! Junior is tailored for the younger ones: aged 5 - 6 (K1 - K2). Instead of conducting lessons on our college campus, one-hour lessons are conducted at a preschool, after school, every 2 - 4 weeks.

Similar to the signature programme, KidsAccomplish! Junior aims to develop creative and diverse modes of thinking, introducing them to a spectrum of engaging and unfamiliar topics, guiding them through the formation of their own perspectives about issues within their daily lives and in the world beyond them.

If this sounds like an ambitious goal, it definitely is. At the end of day, what we truly want is for the children to have fun as they learn. As designers of their after-school curriculum, we have to ask ourselves what's something cool we wish we knew at 5 years old that we didn't, and share that with them as best we can.


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