What is your KidsAccomplish experience?

Every week when I come to KidsAccomplish, I feel like I am being pulled into the lessons. They are so fun and engaging-they make me so enthusiastic about learning. I like it because it is not like other tuition lessons where I am always drilled with the same thingsover and over again.
— Twinkle Lim (9 years old)
Our daughter is really enjoying the classes and activities. She has been excited to come every weekend and it is every disappointing that they are ending.
From my perspective, I see that KidsAccomplish is providing opportunities for the kids to explore and learn about a variety of topics. Great work!
— A Parent
Great! Well organised, sessions appear to have a balance of fun activties and teaching, with diverse leaders leading them. My child feels supported within the group.
— Mum of Ben (11 years old)
Zac was always very excited to tell what happened in class. He also looked forward to class. these are seeds sown which will benefit them in days and years ahead.
— Mum of Zac (10 years old)
It has been an awesome experience, Saturdays have never been so much fun! KidsAccomplish has made my child weekends so much enjoyable. He looks forward to it every weekend.
— A Parent
My son always enjoys going to the classes. Even though he doesn’t tell me the exact details of the classes, I believe that this is a good opportunity for him to work and play outside school.
— Mum of Arsh (12 years old)