What We Do

Over the years, KidsAccomplish has curated a veriety of programmes dedicated to widening the horizons of kids from all walks of life without ever losing sight of the fun in learning !


Our Weekly Enrichment Sessions 

KidsAccomplish's Flagship Programme

Since our inception, KidsAccomplish has been organising weekly volunteer-run enrichment sessions modelled after the concept of Liberal Arts and Sciences for upper-primary school children. Each Saturday, these children learn a repertoire of different issues and skills from their older counterparts who are mostly undergraduates from both Yale-NUS College and National University of Singapore. Throughout the years, our lessons have evolved from focusing on building leadership, increasing socio-cultural awareness of issues such as poverty and gender and nurturing a global mindset, to more niche topics, such as biology of cancer, history of literature in Singapore and the modern political philosophy. Our fundamental commitmnet is to cultivate an interdisciplinary worldview in children so that they may creatively respond to the challenges of the 21st century. 



Other Side Projects

To cater to our students' diverse profiles and learning interests, we also run other projects such as the Global Pen Pal Project, KidsAccomlish Youth Leaders, KidsAccomplish Junior and KidsAccomplis Explore!

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Public Panels

As we believe that genuine and effective education involves the entire community, we also strive to organize forums and conferences to engage the relevant stakeholders.